Thursday, August 22, 2019

What is "Amoy Kulob", and How to #KabogAngKulob Laundry Hacks

What is "Amoy Kulob"? 

   The term "Amoy Kulob" pertains to malodor or unpleasant smells. "Amoy Kulob" can also be associated to the smell of cars after opening it's door, rooms, restrooms and even closets. This is because of the mildews that can be formed inside unventilated /moist areas.
   But "Amoy Kulob" is most commonly use to describe the malodor cause by indoor drying of clothes especially during rainy season. And if you're a person like me, who's very sensitive when it comes to smell, you wouldn't want to smell "Amoy Kulob" every rainy season and experience headaches everytime you smell it. And of course you wouldn't want your love ones to wear bad smelling clothes for it will affect their confidence too.
 Good smelling clothes can definitely add confidence

Are there other factors that give clothes the "Amoy Kulob" smell aside from indoor drying?

Yes, the other factors are... 
1. Improper cleaning of washing machine/dryers- Manual washing machine have filters or small openings inside. If you will open it you will see dirt that accumulates inside it. These can cause "Amoy Kulob" to the clothes that we wash. Since these dirt was stock in the washing machine already, germs will grow along with this dirt and stick to our clothes once we wash it using our washing machine.
2. Overnight soaking of clothes especially rags. - We all think that if we will soak the clothes with detergents it will be easier to wash it and it will smell much better. Yes, only if we will soak it for not more than one hour. Since the clothes that we are washing is dirty, soaking for a long time gives the chance for germs to grow and this can really cause the bad smell.
3. Clothes that are not rinsed properly tend to have Amoy Kulob smell too.
4. Improper Clothes Segregation- Sometimes we just segregate clothes into two,the white clothes and the colored ones. But we forget to segrate clothes according to its usage and how dirty it is.

What are the laundry hacks  to combat the "Amoy Kulob" (please refer to this ig video)

1.Proper cleaning of washing machine- Brush and wash the inner part of the washing machine tub at least once a week to remove dirt that could accumulate inside the small spaces of your washing machine.
This is the area that should be properly cleaned
2. Do not soak clothes for a long period especially rags- Soak clothes for not more than one hour. 30 minutes soaking for white clothes is enough.
3. Segregate the clothes properly- Do not mix stained clothes with non-stained. If it is possible wash stained clothes right away.
4.Rinse Clothes properly - Make use of all your basin and pails to rinse your clothes well. As for me I prepare 3 basins of water because I rinse our clothes 3 times. This is for me to be sure that I remove all the detergent soap that I use when I washed our clothes. (I use the left over water to wash our car and wipe our floor)
5. Use A Fabric Conditioner/Enhancer - Fabric conditioner/enhancer protects fabric by smoothening and strengthening fibres. It also provides long lasting freshness to the clothes. (tip use the left over water to clean your restroom)

   The best way to combat the "Amoy  Kulob" smell is by using a good Fabric Conditioner/Enhancer and that is the New Downy Expert Kontra-Kulob. I discovered this while watching TV and from a Mommy friend Mommy Louise of Mommy Practicality. (check this ig post on how I discovered Downy Kontra Kulob)

What is Downy Expert Kontra-Kulob and how it will eliminate malodor?

   Downy Expert Kontra Kulob has 20x Anti-bac that is especially made to address germs present when drying indoors. That is why it is Downy's Best Bet against Kulob Smell. It's difference from the existing Downy Antibac is, it is specifically made for indoor drying while Downy Antibac is made to prevent germ growth.

Is the Downy Expert Kontra Kulob expensive?

   No. In fact it comes in different sizes and prices that you can choose from. 

Sizes /Prices
23ml sachet - 5.00php
36ml sachet - 7.25php
720ml Refill - 139.00php
800ml Bottle- 187.00php
1.45ml Refill- 275.00php

After being tired of doing the laundry, fresh smelling clothes is a great reward. 

  From now on rain or shine, indoor drying won't be a problem because we can really say na "parang pinatuyo sa araw" ang damit because of Downy Expert Kontra Kulob.


Friday, August 16, 2019

How I applied DSWD Medical Assistance for Elaisha

While patiently waiting for my turn, yeah no make up just me

  When Elaisha was diagnosed with Autism, it was really overwhelming. I am overwhelmed because I am not aware of what Autism is and how our whole family will deal with it and most of all how we will be able to fund Elaisha's therapies and education.

Elaisha's Consultation, Education and Therapies Expenses
Raising a child with special needs will not just give you a heart ache, but also headaches and empty pockets and that is the REALITY.
Elaisha has two kinds of therapies that she needs for her improvement, Speech and Occupational therapy. She is also enrolled in a Special School wherein she attends her therapies. By doing this, I was able to lessen our expenses when it comes to fares.
Speech Therapy cost 350php per session, same as the Occupational Therapy. She attends twice OT in a week and twice ST in a week. Our Development Pediatrician check up cost 3,500php per session and I am glad that our appointment became once a year from the schedule of every six month, while Elaisha's SpED Tuition fee in full without any discount is 100,000php (yes that is how expensive sending kids to a good Special Education School) We were just so blessed that Elaisha was granted with sponsorship it was for selected and qualified students only. 


Discovering the DSWD Medical Assistance from Makati City Government
  I think, one of the good thing that I got in accepting Elaisha's condition few months after it really sinked in to me, is I was able to get all the help and assistance that we need in order for us to fund Elaisha's interventions. It was 2016, if remember it correctly, was my very first time to heard about the Medical Assistance offered by the Office of the Congressman  here in Makati from a mommy friend, wherein they offer financial assistance to People with Disabilities who needs Medical Maintenence, undergo dialysis, and later on they include even Occupational and Speech therapy. 


  As a mom, this news is such a great relief. The financial assistance that they give depends on the need of the patient based on the requirements that will be submitted, but not greater than 5,000php. Filing of Medical Assistance is once a year, this is to give chance to other patients that need assistance too.
Being one of the beneficiary of the DSWD Medical Assistance from the Makati City Government is such a great help and benefit for me to lessen the expenses of Elaisha's intervention. (Choosy pa ba ko?! Hindi ko mapupulot ang 5,000 sa kalsada)
But of course if your are applying for Medical Assistance from any Government Offices you should be able to provide all the requirements needed in order to claim the assistance and I think that is fair enough. So if you are planning to file for a DSWD Medical Assistance in Makati here are the list of some requirements needed.

1. Voters Certification - you can get this in the old school at the back of the City Hall. Tip: I went there at around 2pm and I was able to get my certification after 10 minutes.
2. Medical Certificate/ Clinical Abstract - updated Medical Certificate is needed and be sure that the spelling of the names of the claimant is correct and the license number of the doctor is visible.
3. Therapy Quotations - this can be get to the center where patient undergo therapy. It should be updated also. For this documents will be expired after 3 months.
5. Yellow Card ID
6. Any Government ID
7. PSA Birth Certificate - from the city hall
8. List of doctor's prescribed medicines and its receipts (Reseta ng gamot at mga resibo) - this applies to people who has maintance or undergo dialysis.
Where to submit and when to claim the assistance. 

*Prepare 3 copies of each requirement and submit it to the Office Congressman Luis Campos located near Guadalupe Nuevo Church.
*They will conduct a background check about the information that you gave them and will advise you to get Certificate of Indigency from your barangay prior the date of claiming in Pitogo, Makati Barangay Hall.

Common problems during claiming day.
1. Incomplete requirements - bring 2 copies of all the documents that you submitted including the Certificate of Indigency
2. When getting the Certificate of Indigency from your barangay verify it first before leaving, your name and the name of the patient should be listed in the certificate with correct spelling and all the barangay signatories needed should have sign.

  Claiming DSWD Medical Assistance takes a lot of patience too, this is because many of us need help too. I was there are around 10am and was able to get the assistance at around 1pm. So if you are planning to file you should be equip with water  and biscuits and if its possible, do not bring your kid with you.

  I don't know if all cities have this kind of help. I am glad that I am living in a city that tries to reach out to the people in need. But I do hope other cities also have an office for them to ask a little help regardless of what amount, because this kind of assistance will really go a long way.

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Wellness Journey with Watsons and my Motivation to #BeHealthyInsideAndOut

Cliche it may sound but it's true that "Health is Wealth. I have to admit, that starting to have and maintain a healthy lifestyle nowadays is really difficult because of exposure to different things and situation that could give us stress and practice improper eating habit.

Last May 2019, I received a Wellness Kit from Watsons wherein me and my family became part of the campaign to #BeHealthyInsideAndOut. Inside my  Wellness kit are Vitamins, supplements, face and hair care products for me and my whole family to use in order for us to start out journey to #BeHealthyInsideAndOut

Watsons Wellness Kit

What is in the Kit? 
Vitamins and Food Supplements 
*Propan Fit
*MX3 Food Supplement
*Enervon Active
*C-lium Fiber Powder
*Poten-Cee plus C
*Nutra Bliss Ginger Tea
Skin and Hair Care Products
*NovuHair Topical Scalp Lotion
*Naturals by Watsons Argan Shampoo
*Naturals by Watsons Argan Conditioner
*ivi Ryo Collagen Night Cream
*Dentiste' Plus White Toothpaste
*Cleene Ethyl Alcohol
*Apollo Petroleum Jelly

Starting the Wellness Journey
The first product that I tried from my Wellness kit is the C-lium Fiber Powder to start cleansing my tummy and I started to do some stretching exercises too. For almost two months of doing this I was able to lose 2lbs. Small count it maybe but this is an achievement for me.
(See story on THIS post)

Next to it, is I started to take the vitamins and food supplements. Propan Fit and MX3 capsule are good source of vitamins and mineral that helps me to lessen my "Momnesia moments" (term to describe the frequent forgetfulness of moms) cause by stress and lack of sleep. I also advise my husband to take supplements too in order for him to perform his best in the office even during over time. 
(check this Instagram posts)
Propan Fit
Taking MX3 capsule boosts my immune system

Along with this campaign also, I realised that its okay to be vain as long as it has a healthy purpose. Because Vanity comes with Health and Wellness too. 
(Check my Instagram post)
It's okay to be vain as long as it has a healthy purpose. Naturals Argan Shampoo is an all natural shampoo

What motivates me to start and continue my Wellness Journey? 

Being a mom to Elaisha is what pushes me to be healthy. Since Elaisha has Autism, I accepted the fact that she will be with me for the rest of her life. Though I am not limiting Elaisha's capabilites on being independent in the future (and I am always hopeful about that) . I accepted and prepared myself for that possibility. But eventhough I accepted Elaisha's condition, I still have sleepless nights, thinking about her future. Who will take care of her if I get sick or something even worse happen to me? Yes, those things comes to my mind regardless how optimistic I am, I still worry...a lot. 
And that is my motivation to start and continue my Wellnes Journey up to present. Because I can't afford to get sick. And if I could slow down my aging I will do it for Elaisha.Since I am the only one who understands her, I am her consistent playmate, friend and teacher, I need to be always there for her. That is why I have to keep myself always available for her by being healthy all the time.
I make sure that Elaisha is practicing Wellness in school by including in her grooming kit the Cleene Ethyl Alcohol from the Watsons Wellness kit. 

My Realizations
For the past few years after Elaisha's diagnosis, we only focused on her interventions and improvements, and not until this campaign came to my doorstep makes me realise that my body is not the way it was 5-7 years ago. (check my Instagram post)

And as a mom, I want to lead my family to a healthy lifestyle, it may be difficult but I know that we can keep it up. And I am glad that Watsons is always there to back me up whenever I need products that could help us have and maintain a healthy lifestyle and #BeHealthyInsideAndOut. 

#LookGoodFeelGreat #WatsonsPH .
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Sunday, July 7, 2019

What I learned from #ProjectDomestication: Practical Tips in Managing the House

The Johnson's booth in the #ProjectDomestication Event in Eastwood is so cute
Managing the house can be difficult at times, whether you are a first time mom, working mom, or stay at home mom. That is why hearing other Moms share their experiences in managing the house can be very helpful.
It was a privilege to receive a free invite to this event from Mommy Dette Zulueta of Millennial Moms PH
I am glad that I was given a chance to attend the #ProjectDomestication event with the topic Practical Tips in Managing the House . During the talk the Millennial Mommies shared their struggles in managing the house such as looking for a carer, forgetting to pay bills, learning chores and security. And also shared their tips on how they were able to overcome those struggles. It was really a fun forum that all Moms can relate.

On the second part of the event, the guest speaker Professor Josefina (Nina) Q. Era talks about the "Home Hacks for keeping the Home Secure". According to Prof. Nina security comes with emotions too, especially with the kids. Kids may act agitated if they don't feel secure. 
Professor Josefina Nina Q. Era on Home Hacks for keeping the Home Secure 
Some of the tips she said to Secure Attachment are;
-If kids are distressed in the mom's absence, they are assured that she will return.
-Mother's behavior is consistent and sensitive to the needs of the child.
-Establish trust.
-Contact presence(Emotional/Physical)
-Hugs & Touch
-Words of Affirmation
-Get to know each other.
That is why security whether Emotional or Physical shouldn't be taken for granted, and PLDT Home Fibr is a great aid when it comes to security. For they have fam cam that will give you peace of mind and #Meaningfulconnections to your loved ones when you are not at home.
Mommy Candice Venturaza and Mommy Dette Zulueta on Raising Children in the Digital World
For the third part of the event Mommy Candice Venturaza of The Asianparent PH and the Millennial Moms PH Dette Zulueta talks about another relatable topic which is "Raising Children In a Digital World. They share the effects of excessive gadget use on children especially to the brain activity and fine motor skills, they also share the recommended screen time per age group. They also share some feature of the top parenting app, which is The Asianparent app, wherein they also have good videos that are beneficial for children.

Event Sponsors:
Millennial Moms Ph #projectdomestication last July 6 event is co-presented by Eastwood City, Absolute Distilled Drinking Water, Aveeno, JOHNSON'S baby, Tempra Philippines, PLDT Home, Betadine Natural Defense Philippines, Betadine Wound Care, Betadine Fresh Bliss, #Betadinegargle, and Sweetbaby Diapers & Wipes.
Media partner is theAsianparent Philippines.
For the lootbag and giveaway sponsors: Ajinomoto Cookmunity by Ajinomoto Philippines Cusina Natural Antibacterial Dishwashing Caprichosa
Lemon Square
Curves Eastwood 
Giant Carrier
POND'S Mercato

Attending events is my "Me Time" and I am so glad that aside from the loots and prizes from the generous sponsors that I got from the event, I got to take home new tips and knowledge in Practical Home Management plus I was able to see old mommy friends and met new ones too. Looking forward to another Practical Domestication Event for more Life Hacks. 

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Friday, June 28, 2019

Saving while Buying Online through ShopBack

Shopping and spending makes me feel guilty. I know that all Moms can relate to that. In order for me to save whenever I buy something especially online I see to it that I take advantage of markdowns and sales. Until a year ago, I discovered ShopBack.
Me and Happy Bag (ShopBack's mascot
For those who are not familiar with ShopBack, it is an app that has a cashback award program that allows online shoppers to take a portion of their cash back when they make a purchase through the app. Yes, you got it right, part of the payment of your online transaction will be back to you once you use ShopBack.
How does ShopBack works?
1. You have to sign up for a ShopBack account. 

2. Once you signed up and downloaded the app you will receive an email confirmation and be sure to verify your email address. It is important in your future transactions.
3. Find your favorite store and shop the usual way. (see photos below)
Type in the search box your favorite merchant

You will see this next (in mobile app)

Tap "Continue to App" and you'll be redirected to the merchant site
4. You will receive a notification everytime ou will receive a notification everytime you purchase through ShopBack. Your Cashback will be credited to your "ShopBack Account" within 2 days after your purchase.
All your Cashback details and transactions can be seen in your ShopBack account and when it will be available.

5.The amount listed in the "Available" box are the amount of cashback you can withdraw as real money and transfer to your PayPal or Bank account or even to Gcash

What are the online Merchants wherein I can use ShopBack to purchase items?
There are over 300 online merchants wherein you can use ShopBack to purchase items, but my favorite are Lazada, Foodpanda, ZenRooms and,

I am so glad that I was able to discover ShopBack, that is why now I don't feel guilty everytime I buy online. I can take advantage of the sales and I can earn cashbacks at the same time.

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Thursday, June 6, 2019

First Day in SpEd; Our Autism Journey

   Today is Elaisha's First Day of Special Education class (SPED) in her old school. This is her 3rd year in the Early Intervention Class. But what makes it different time is we decided to have a little break from her Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy just for this summer. The reason why we did it is for Elaisha to enjoy summer vacation even just for this year. 
First photo of the school year

   Elaisha has been working so hard in her therapies ever since she was 2 years old in order for her to achieve the milestones a neurotypical growing kid (regular kids) achieve in a timely manner. Aside from that
we also want to breathe from expenses. Hahaha. Therapies really cost a lot for kids with Autism. For some centers, it ranges from 650-1500pesos per one hour session, while Sped tuition fee is a different payment that cost 80,000 and above depending on the kind of school you are in. I am just thankful that in Elaisha's school we were able to get some sponsorship that gives us a discount from her tuition and that is a big thing for us. 
Elaisha's first year in Sped

   Honestly, it's been a month since her erratic sleeping patterns manifested again. Which means both of us haven't got enough sleep for the past days. Maybe because of the weather, I don't know but for kids with Autism there are times that sleeping is really a problem.

   Last night Elaisha slept at around 7:30pm and wake up around 11pm. So I have to stay awake to look at her too. She went back to sleep at 4:30am, at last I can sleep too.

   Elaisha's class starts at 1pm in the afternoon and I am worried that we won't be able to make it on time. At around 10am I already heard her singing inside the room. I am glad that she wake up just right in time. I took out her uniform after she ate lunch and I she was really excited upon wearing it.
   She's really excited in her first day. Still, I advised her case manager about her recent sleeping patterns so that she's also aware of Elaisha's condition for proper approach. Regardless of the long vacation without any therapies, her case manager was amazed that Elaisha was able to finish 3 work sheets and 1 art work in a span of 2 hours. And that is a big deal for kids with ASD because their attention span and patience at very limited. 
More Artworks to come

This is just the first day of school and just like the other years, I know we still have a lot to learn and to improve on especially with Elaisha's behavior. I am so proud that she was able to start the school year with excitement and positive feedbacks from her case manager.

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Monday, June 3, 2019

Derma C by Poten Cee from Sampleroom Review

We all want that Moisturized and Glowing skin, and  I am one of those who loves skin care products so much.
And one skin care product that is really worth trying is the new Derma C by PotenCee soap bar and Serum Face Mask. 

The Soap Bar
Upon opening the soap you will immediately smell that relaxing citrus scent that matches its appearance, round yellow color. Its smell will make you feel really fresh and you will feel how smooth your face is after washing because of combined benefits of Vitamin  C and collagen. 

The Serum Face Mask
And to complete the whole beauty regimen I use the Serum Face Mask on my face for 20 minutes while reading my favorite magazine. Sounds relaxing? Yes it really is... It's appearance is just all the other regular face sheets. But it's edge to other face sheets is its collagen content. 

Aside from the Vit C and Collagen it also have 7 Natural Moisturizing oil that increased the moisturizing effect that nourished and hydrates the face makes the skin lighter,brighter, softer and smoother. I will definitely use it over and over again.

For some women out there who are hesitated to buy new products to try, Sample Room got you covered. All you have to do is create an account in order for you to try the newest skin care/beauty products in the market.
You can check out Sample Room and Derma C by Poten Cee in their social media accounts.

Sample Room:



Derma C by PotenCee



I can assure you that with #DermaCbyPotenCee you can achieve that #HealthyMoisturizedGlow.